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Retail Shopping AND Distribution

We believe your shopping experience should be effortless and enjoyable. To help you along the way,
we'e pleased to show you just a few of our most recent projects.

These Talents Have Been Tested by This Thing Called Experience.

Apptify helps traditional organizations navigate and find success in the digital world. We evaluate existing customer interactions, performance metrics, data and capabilities to create a strategy for the new experience a company wishes to provide its customers. All customer touchpoints,
from digital to in-store to phone, are considered.

We partner with clients to determine where and how to compete by rapidly immersing into an industry or problem space and facilitating a series of workshops to identify opportunities, generate and prioritize ideas, and prototype and test product and service concepts.
We determine an optimal mix of revenue models.

For the first time, mobile devices outnumber people. This milestone underscores one crucial fact for entrepreneurs: as the number of mobile devices rises, so do their importance. But creating a mobile strategy involves more than building an app. Trust Appture with the task of making your mobile strategy a winning one.

The smartphone market is forecasted to grow by more than 10 percent every year for the next four or five years, and the number of mobile app downloads is projected to double in the next three years. We know how to make mobile a flexible strategy, by planning for growth and enhanced development.

Consolidated Interdepartmental Marketing Outreach

The cost of duplicated websites, technical and creative effort is reduced to zero with an Apptify contract.
Every website, blog, social network, event calendar and emarketing outreach is aggregated into a seemless multi-platform powerhouse.
Reach Android, Iphone, Tablets, Phones, PC's and any smartdevice with syncronized text, images and contact. We put the concept of content management into the "set it and forget it" phase of leadership.

They Say You're Known By The Company You Keep.

Twenty-five years of our portfolio means we've been known by some great companies.